Renewable Heat Incentive Latest

lutego 2013

Figures from Ofgem show a significant improvement (80% against the previous quarter) in application approvals for the Renewable Heat Incentive in Q4 2012.

This means an additional 27 megawatts of capacity being added to the scheme.

Tom Jordan, Sustainability Consultant at Lorien Engineering Solutions, said: "Grid biomethane injection, historically an expensive endeavour, sees a single approved application, with solid fuel installations remaining high at 90%.  Ground and Water Source Heat Pumps, currently account for less than 5% of total installations. 2013 may see air source heat pumps added to the eligible technology list for the first time.

"Recently there has been increased speculation on significant increases to the ground source heat pump tariff with the GSHP Association suggesting a figure of 9.4p/kWh, double the current rate for smaller scale systems. If implemented this would go some way to seeing heat pumps more widely adopted.

"After a slow start and having attracting a certain level of criticism, Ofgem’s update demonstrates a commitment towards improving the accreditation process and to successfully incentivise future project development. We look forward to seeing this proves come to fruition in the coming months and years."