Lorien teams compete in charity relay run

czerwca 2019

Lorien Charity Team

Two teams from Lorien’s Poland office completed a 25km relay to raise money for children’s charity The Everest Foundation.
Our runners took part in the 2019 Companies Run, in which 10,000 participants from Wroclaw’s business community competed against each other.
Pictured left to right are: Anna Wojtowicz; Damian Witalewski; Szymon Juraszek; Ewelina Wąs; Łukasz Kolendowicz; Grzegorz Stanecki; Sandra Sinka; Dominika Paczyńska. They were joined by Bartosz Dymny and Marcin Grabowski (not pictured).
Lorien was delighted to support The Everest Foundation, which helps disabled children in the Wroclaw region.