Safety Compliance

Inspiring confidence in plant safety

Keeping our customer’s processes safe

Safety compliance services available from Lorien includes:

  • Machine safety assessment and reporting (PUWER, AUWED, UL, OHSA)
  • CE Marking for complex assemblies
  • Process HAZOP
  • Hazardous Area Classification (HAC)
  • Explosive atmosphere basis of safety (DSEAR, ATEX, NFPA)
  • Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA)
  • Safety & Operability Review

Prevention of fire and explosion - from soup to nuts

Our industry and product experience is extensive, with completed safety compliance activity in powder and dust handling, and in liquids and vapours:

  • Dry foods ingredients
  • Bakery, cereals and snack foods
  • Household cleaners and homecare products
  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Aerosols and hydro-carbons
  • Tabletting and tablet coating
  • Sugar based products and confectionery
  • Dairy and beverage
  • Brewing and spirits
  • Health and beauty care
  • Fine chemicals
  • Solvent and ethanol based cleaning system

At Lorien we’re proud to be a key component in our customer’s strategy for maintaining safe operations.

Bill Treddenick , Director of Safety Compliance, Lorien

Guard your reputation

The safety of line operators and maintenance technicians is paramount within manufacturing and similar industrial and research facilities.  Lorien’s experience in machine safety is continually growing - here is a sample of the industries we operate in:

  • Meat butchering and preparation
  • Ready meals, pies and pastries
  • Snack foods forming and packing
  • Dairy and beverage filling/packing
  • Sugar packaging
  • Bottling and canning lines in breweries
  • Fine chemicals processing
  • Surgical implant and medical devices
  • Aerospace components
  • Inks, dyes and coatings
  • Pharmaceutical tabletting
  • Health and beauty care lines

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