Logistics Case Study: NDC / RDC Strategy Investigation

Client: Ethical Products Distributor

Project Aim: Strategic review of the NDC and RDC approach to expand sales volumes, reduce costs and to enable more direct sales as part of a strategic masterplan


For this established ethical medical products business operating from a single NDC, the challenge was to, 

  • reduce the ‘cost per picked item’ to industry-leading values;  
  • enable doubling of volumes within 10 years;  
  • enable a greater proportion of direct Ecomm sales to the end users.

Lorien Approach

Series of workshops to gather current and trend data:

  • obtain the base data of SKU volumes, stocking data, regional sales,
  • product storage conditions, product supply method. 

Lorien’s analysis of the provided a clearer picture of the network relationships, cross-docking operations, product category trends, volume flows and automation levels.

The team undertook an on-site review of the current operation of the NDC and satellite warehouses, plus a spatial survey of the buildings to assist with possible remodelling.

Our team comprised: logistics specialists, mechanical handling specialist, building design team.


  • The analysis led to a challenge of business assumptions regarding the pattern national distribution, and how the expansion could best be developed.  
  • Options were developed to replace or retain /remodel the present NDC, and to supplement with a 2nd large NDC/RDC.
  • The cost impact of warehouse automation systems in terms of build cost, operation, and manning efficiencies versus the target cost base.   
  • Overall build costs have been provided, with a volume plan, a cost-per-line model, and ROI calculations.



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