Advanced Manufacturing

Pushing the boundaries

Processes and Facilities from Aerospace and Automotive, to Chemicals and Coatings

At Lorien we have long been involved with all aspects of the processes and facilities associated with advanced manufacturing processes.  Typically, projects engineered by Lorien are technically complex, capital intensive, quality critical, and many have inherently hazardous parts within their processes.

Our engineers support clients in the establishment of new facilities and the adaptation of existing facilities to meet new needs. In particular we offer solutions for;

  • In-bound raw materials and storage
  • Processing and batch blending
  • Filling, packaging and mechanical handling automation
  • Architectural, civil and structural design
  • Building services, HVAC, air scrubbing, effluent treatment
  • Out-bound product staging and distribution facilities
  • Production utilities and plant rooms
  • R&D facility services
  • Heritage property utilities
  • Combined heat and power solutions

Automotive and Aerospace

Quality control in the manufacturing process for aerospace and automotive products is paramount, as is the care in developing the correct master plan for a facility to ensure the most efficient operation.  In this area Lorien has delivered projects in various product categories:

  • Aerospace facility building services
  • Aerospace braking, suspension and wheel components
  • Carbon fibre structures for mass transit and aerospace
  • Automotive suspension components and insulation materials
  • Automotive windscreen manufacture
  • Car sub-assembly logistics facilitie

Complete project life-cycle coverage; Concept to Handover

Lorien project teams deliver Concept and Pre-Investment Studies, all the way through to detailed facility design and construction management.  We are our client’s project partners from the start to the end of the project cycle, and beyond. 

  • Site masterplans and concept design
  • Front-End Engineering Design
  • Technology search and selection
  • Tender design and planning consent / permitting
  • Scheme implementation, including construction planning, procurement and execution management
  • Construction safety management
  • Product quality risk management
  • Production plant safety qualification, including machinery safety audits and planning
  • Explosive atmosphere safety (DSEAR / ATEX), area classification, basis of safety reporting, engineer’s inspection

In a quality and safety focussed market, planning and execution management of projects is critical.

Darren Toon, Head of Projects

Chemicals and Coatings

The Fine Chemicals, Coatings and Dyes market is innovative, science-led, and requires high levels of yield, low levels of waste, and excellence in the care of safety and the environment.  In this area Lorien has delivered investment projects and technical support assignments in various product categories:

  • Intermediates for household products
  • Metals processing
  • Coatings and Dyes filling system

Green Energy & Waste Recycling

At Lorien we have a long track record in the development of alternative energy systems and waste recycling plants.  In this area Lorien has delivered investment feasibility studies, concept designs, detailed tender design packages, construction management and technical support assignments in the following categories:

  • Green energy sources for heritage buildings and commercial facilities
  • Combined heat and power schemes (CHP)
  • Waste gasification with combined heat and power
  • Municipal waste sortation, recycling and composting

In this area we have delivered projects for:

  • Food, beverage facilities
  • Breweries
  • General manufacturing factories
  • Historic properties and estates

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