Capital Projects - CDM 2015 Duty Holders & Responsibilities

22 Jan 2019, Burton-on-Trent, UK

CDM 2015 Training

The training will be designed to run for a half-day, and will be designed as a training event with interactive elements, in the form of a workshop. The course is suitable for individuals involved in construction projects to give an overview of all the duty holder roles and legal duties. You will learn responsibilities under the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015.

Training Scope

The course content will embrace:

  • Legal status of the CDM Regs
    • European and UK legislation
    • Development of the CDM regulations
    • Other applicable regulations and guidance
  • Background to the CDM2015 Regs
    • Accidents within construction
    • The focus of the Regulator – HSE Plan Of Work 2014/15
    • The main changes from CDM2007 to CDM2015
  • Workshop 1: Small Utilities Project
    • Scope of project; information, appointments, notifications
    • Duties during pre-design / concept phase
    • Duties and activities during design phase
    • Duties and activities during construction
    • What happens after construction?
    • What has / could go wrong?
    • How could we improve, in our locations?
  • Designing Safely
    • Principles of Prevention
    • Hazard identification at design stage
  • Workshop 2: Large Filling/ Packing Upgrade Project
    • Similar content to Workshop 1, with different context
  • Workplace Regs – review of design implications
  • Workshop 3: How To Make CDM Work Here?
    • Roles and Responsibilities (RACI)
    • Resource planning and availability
    • Suitable resources (internal and external) – what is “competent”?
    • Tracking and controlling

Learning will be confirmed through an open test at the end of the training. 

Our training course are held in our offices or at your company site location as an in-house course.

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Training Courses

There may be any number of reasons why you require some training, whether it’s to improve knowledge, understand responsibilities, learn about Directives, keep up-to-date with changes in legislation, or learn how to CE mark, we can provide a training solution to suit your requirements.

Our standard training packages cover a comprehensive range of specific programmes, including subject areas such as; CE Marking, legal obligations; Identifying relevant Directives/Regulations; PUWER; ATEX; Machinery risk assessments, The use of harmonised standards; Technical Construction Files; and many more.

We are highly experienced in providing a multitude of CE Marking, PUWER and ATEX training services, including workshops, in-company group training, one-to-one consultancy, and public seminars, both on-site or at our training facility covering a wide range of subjects focused around compliance. A comprehensive range of standard, specialist and bespoke training courses can be provided.

Our training courses can help you;

  • Develop your company’s product compliance knowledge and capability
  • To understand your legal responsibilities
  • Learn to assess and self-certify your own products
  • Keep your compliance costs to a minimum

If you have a requirement for a course tailored to meet your specific needs or application, we would be happy to discuss creating and delivering a course to suit your particular requirements or to fill any gaps in your current knowledge. A range of bespoke training solutions from awareness sessions to workshops covering most aspects of compliance can be tailored to meet your needs, for groups of almost any number, in a location of your choice.​​​​​

Lorien Engineering attend various events throughout the year; please register your interest to arrange a catch-up.

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