Manufacturing Consultancy

The Lorien team has delivered productivity improvements for clients manufacturing a wide range of manufacturing sectors including Food, Brewing, Drinks, Industrial Products

Today, manufacturing plants have an increasingly high reliance upon automated processing systems and materials handling equipment.  This equipment must be maintained and operated, and the workplace organised, in a manner that ensures that the mission of the organisation is fulfilled in terms of productivity, quality and customer service.

In the 1990's Lorien developed a programme called Manufacturing Reliability (MR) which puts into place the 14 critical systems of work that Lorien believes are essential ingredients to achieving consistent, highly efficient manufacture.  Since this time, the MR principles have been adopted by a wide range of manufacturing businesses, engaged in baked products, dairy products, drinks, snack foods, frozen foods, food ingredients and concrete products.

This programme, and other discrete pieces of work (including RCM, TPM and FMEA techniques), has assisted manufacturers in a wide range of industries to recover 'lost ground', and to hit 'best-ever' performance outputs.  The principles of MR are also important when addressing Plant Launch and Vertical Start-Up scenarios.

Key information

  • Short duration losses surveys through to complete factory turn-around programmes, including education, mentoring, and systems design and deployment. 
  • Track record established in bakeries, meat processing, ready meals, sugar confectionery, beverages, spirits, car components and concrete products
  • Experienced and qualified staff 
  • Fully-developed systems 
  • Trained facilitators 
  • Wide-range of experience in our chosen sectors