Machine Safety

Lorien conducts equipment inspections on behalf of companies across Europe to ensure that the equipment and systems their employees use meet the necessary requirements of both PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) or its European equivalents and the applicable European "New Approach" Directives.

Under both PUWER and wider European regulations such as the Machinery Safety Directive (often referred to as 'CE-Marking' in the UK), it is the responsibility of employers to ensure that equipment used at work meets the applicable regulations. Employers should ensure that risks, created by the use of the equipment, are eliminated where possible or controlled according to a hierarchy of measures.

Failure to meet the requirements of PUWER can result in the use of equipment being prohibited by local enforcement authorities and, in circumstances where an accident has occurred, prosecution.


  • One-stop consultancy service for machine safety concerns, and also links to our DSEAR (hazardous areas classification) services. 
  • Experience gained over a wide range of applications including sugar confectionery, ready meals, brewing and beverages, spreads, snack foods, dairy and cereals.


  • Competent and experienced staff 
  • CE-Marking for entire production lines 
  • PUWER assessments 
  • Gap studies 
  • Specialists in food and beverage equipment