Team Rover set for Mongol Rally

As if working for Lorien was not enough adventure, one staff member will be taking part in an epic challenge for the next 3 months, driving to Mongolia - in an ambulance!  Senior packaging engineer Duncan Johnstone, his partner and two other team-mates in ‘Team Rover’, have set themselves this impressive challenge. They are aiming to drive from Derby UK to Ulannnbaatar in Mongolia in an ex-NHS ambulance to improve the lives of children in both countries by raising over £2000 for charity. But the good deeds don't stop there - the ambulance will finally be donated to the Mongolian Health Services at the end of the journey, allowing the trip to benefit even more people.

The ambulance was purchased for the team by Lorien in conjunction with the team who have ran a number of fund-raising events to raise extra cash to make the vehicle ready for the journey. In addition, the team has recently received sponsorship from Pepsico, a customer which Duncan has completed many projects for. The keys were recently handed across to Duncan by Lorien chairman Christopher Sawyer, along with some sound technical advice about the ground clearance for the exhaust system.

And the journey?  Duncan says, “The route will take us across two continents, fifteen countries, three mountain ranges and the Gobi desert - a total distance of somewhere between 7,500 and 10,000 miles, depending on the final route! That’s about a third of the Earth’s circumference.”  

So why is the team completing this epic adventure? Duncan comments, “First of all, we want to raise money for three great causes: The Christina Noble Children's Foundation, The Little Lives Appeal, and The Mongolian Health Service”.  Secondly, adventure. We believe that the world has gone soft. Satellite maps and GPS have sucked the juiciness out of exploring, hence our journey: 10,000 miles of adventuring bliss - through deserts, mountains and steppe - tackled in a woefully unsuitable vehicle just to see what happens!”

Colleagues will be tracking the team’s progress and will be getting regular updates via a blog page on the Lorien website.  If anyone would like to get involved, from the safety of their own office or armchair, then for details about how you can donate to one or more of the charities being helped (information will also appear on the Lorien blog page, in the News section of our new website).

Chairman Christopher Sawyer handing keys to Duncan Johnstone
  • 3 months
  • 10,000 miles
  • Charities / beneficiaries:
    • The Christina Noble Children's Foundation
    • The Little Lives Appeal
    • The Mongolian Health Service
Team Rover's vehicle