Success for Team Rover at Mongol Rally

Team Rover's (and Lorien's) Duncan Johnstone has been in contact to say that they have completed the course and arrived at their destination of Ulaanaatar today (31st August). Duncan's post reads as follows:

"After 38 days on the road, covering 8088 miles, we finally made it to Ulaanbaatar with a full 12 hours to spare before Jon & Sophie's flight home.

Its been a hard last few days, the  'roads' have been terrible:- rivers, ditches, bogs, horrendous bumps, jagged rocks etc and I have no idea how the ambulance stayed more or less in one piece - or how we didn't get a puncture (buy michelin tyres!).

There were a couple of days I didn't think we'd make it, but the van is now at the finish line where we are waiting to find out where it will end up. After it's traumatic journey, its in need of a few parts:- prop shaft bearings, power steering seals, thermostat and possibly the correct front springs  (we broke the second near Baykongor and had to get a much larger spring cut down to fit).

Today we visited the CNCF Ger Village, its great to see where some of the money we've raised is going and to know that whilst the rally has been a brilliant adventure for us, its also helping those who really need it.

Thanks everyone for all your help, we couldn't have done it without all your support!"

Ambulance in grass