Low Carbon Best Practice Exchange - 3 December 2009

Lorien director Steve Turner and senior engineer Tom Jordan have been invited back to speak at a conference on sustainability and energy management for the second consecutive year.

The pair will host two 'round table' discussions on sustainability paybacks and planning sustainability.

The session on sustainability paybacks will include discussions on payback periods for various energy saving schemes, what grants are available and why companies should be thinking green. They will use the case study of a  major company which has invested £1m in capital sustainability projects and is now seeing annual paybacks of £880,000.

The second topic will cover the recent changes to the planning legislation and how this can affect capital work and construction. The discussion will focus on the options available for planning analysis and the most appropriate ways of reaching the Government's targets of 10 per cent green energy generation.

For more information on the Low Carbon Best Practice Exchange event visit www.carbon-innovation.com