Lorien joins Mayday Network

Lorien Engineering Solutions has joined up with the Mayday Network, an orgnisation championed by HRH The Prince of Wales.  The Network is tackling climate change and resource depletion by sharing ideas, information and inspiration and in doing so creating a pathway to better ways of working and ultimately a sustainable future. More than 3,000 businesses are currently subscribed in support of the Mayday Network.

"Climate change is the greatest challenge facing mankind today and we only have a very small window of opportunity to act"  HRH The Prince of Wales.

Amy Wilding, business development manager for sustainability comments, "Lorien takes the sustainability challenge facing inductry very seriously.  We have invested in growing our technical resources in the areas of sustainable development and sustainable energy programmes, as well as waste-to-wealth and carbon reduction strategy. Our focus is on selecting and implementing the most suitable technology through engineering and economic challenge, and we have supported a range of clients to reduce their climate impact as well as their costs."

Mayday businesses work together and with partners to seek out and promote the best solutions to the major environmental challenges we face. When taken to scale these new innovations contribute to creating the pathway to better ways of working and to a sustainable future in which businesses can prosper alongside a healthy environment and society.