Lorien comment: Energy price rises announced

It has been announced today that British Gas is the latest energy provider to raise its prices, by as much as 18%.

Tom Jordan, of Lorien Engineering Solutions sustainability team, comments: "It may be a cliché but along with other certainties in life, it appears that energy prices are continuing to move in one direction. The current trend of fuel prices increasing broadly across the domestic sector as well as concerns over longer term price stability for industry and business as a whole, may pose serious ramifications, particularly in our current climate of austerity to economic stability / growth and our accustomed standard of living.

"With increasing efforts to incentivise the uptake of low and zero carbon technologies, including feed in tariffs and the renewable heat incentive, the cost gap between traditional fossil fuel derived energy and more sustainable forms has never been so close. 

Tom added: "For businesses and organisations now might be the time to seriously consider reviewing where their energy supplies come from and switching to a source of renewable energy, whether it be solar, wind or biomass."