Launching the Lorien Energy Index

The Lorien Energy Index and Lorien Carbon Signature tools have been launched via the Lorien Engineering Solutions website. Created by the team of sustainability engineers at Lorien, the Lorien Energy Index (LEI) enables companies of all sizes to track trends in energy prices and make sense of their current fuel use.

Lorien’s senior sustainability engineer Tom Jordan said: “Achieving clear visibility on wholesale energy prices and the rates charged to consumers is a tricky task, tied intrinsically to the business operations of the utility companies, influenced by global politics and local policy developments and resolutely entrenched in volatile market prices for fossil fuel, oil, gas and coal.

“Not only does the Lorien Energy Index allow businesses to track price trends, it also encourages them to look at ways they can make considerable savings in the future, possibly through the use of energy efficient technologies such as biomass, and making productive use of waste streams and other resources.”

From a base of 1.75 in 2006, the Lorien Energy Index in Q1 2012 was 4.4, an increase of over 250%.

Renewable Waste and Energy is a fast-growing business stream for Lorien, with expertise spanning Waste Recycling Facilities, Waste Transfer Stations, Biogas, Biomass Heating, Water and Ground Source Heat Pumps, Composting, and Combined Heat and Power. Lorien’s sustainability team is experienced in dealing with the requirements of the brewing, food and drinks manufacturing, life sciences, heritage and municipal waste sectors, executing over £2bn of projects.

Your business can take part in the continuing research Lorien are doing into energy costs within industry. See our 'TAKE PART' information. Businesses contributing data will be provided with a customised report on their future energy cost profile.

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