FiT announcement marks end to large-scale PV schemes?

The UK Government announced yesterday key decisions on the fast-track consultation for the Feed in Tariffs.

The headline news is that there is no change to the rates proposed in the consultation, meaning that Solar PV (photovoltaic) systems with Total Installed Capacity (TIC) of 50kW and above installed and commissioned after the 1st of August 2011 will now receive a lower tariff than schemes of under 50kW (originally the tarif was structered the same for any size of installation). This could derail some planned investment.

Tom Jordan, renewable energy consultant at Lorien says, "This is not an unexpected move, and depending on which side of the small / large project fence you sit, it can be interpretted as either a positive or a negative.  It was always surprising that a run for larger photovoltaic had not been anticipated, but with limited money in the pot these bigger scale schemes soak up a large proportion of the available money for renewable energy schemes.  With other countries actively supporting larger scale PV projects it remains to be seen how the recent UK announcement will effect our longer term goals. A necessary step, or a short sighted reaction - only time will tell."