DECC advise of consultation over RHI tariffs

In response to concerns from the industrial sector over changes to renewable energy incentives, Lorien has been advised that the Government will be continuing to seek opinion on how the growing Green Sector can be encouraged to invest with greater confidence.

Lorien's Tom Jordan has recently had communication with DECC in order to seek some clarification.  Minister of State Greg Barker has commented, "We will be consulting on a package of longer term measures in the summer to ensure deployment of renewable heat continues to be good value for money. The package will be based around flexible degression of tariffs, that is, as deployment of renewable heat rises to a high level, tariffs for new applicants will gradually decrease. Features of the policy to be consulted on include fixed dates of potential tariff reductions, fixed notice periods and a fixed amount by which the tariffs could be reduced.

With both the stand by budget mechanism and the longer term measures, we aim to provide certainty about future tariffs and assurance that there will not be any retrospective changes, to enable investors to be confident about our intentions."

This will hopefully provide a sounder base for investment in green technologies, which have shown lots of promise for a future low-carbon economy.

Tom Jordan,
Sustainability Consultant