Another 'Safety First' for Lorien

A Lichfield-based project management specialist has become one of the first companies in the UK to be awarded CDM-Registered Practice status. Lorien Engineering Solutions has been accredited by the Association for Project Safety (aPS), having been one of a select group of companies to take part in a trial audit.

Lorien's operations director Bill Treddenick commented: "We are very proud to be one of the first companies in the UK to be awarded CDM-Registered Practice status. It is a fitting testament to the company's committed and innovative approach to health and safety over the years.
"The CDM-C practice within Lorien is growing and will very soon have six people who will able to take on the role through both qualifications and construction experience."

The new Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM2007) replaced the Planning Supervisor role with CDM Coordinator (CDM-C). The role of the CDM-C is wider than that of the Planning Supervisor, and while there is no compulsory registration scheme (as there is in Belgium for example), the aPS has laid down criteria by which clients can assure themselves of the competence of the CDM-C.

Bill Treddenick continued: "The CDM-C role cannot be underestimated. The effect of CDM2007 has been to improve the awareness of CDM among clients who, given the competence criteria that is now established, need to have assurance that the companies they deal with on such matters have been independently assessed."

Lorien have been acting as planning supervisors and CDM-C since the mid-1990's when CDM was first introduced. The aPS compiles registers of both CDM-C's (individuals) and CDM-C practices. The registration is made against set criteria, and in the case of the practice registration, via an audit at the practice's offices.

Companies will soon be able to locate registered practices through the aPS website