Sustainability Skills Wheel

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Carbon Footprinting

From a single building to a portfolio, covering building energy use (i.e. heating / cooling, lighting, losses) to specific activities (energy intensive processes) to personnel travel and fleet provision, we work to determine an accurate footprint profile and develop key performance indicators against Lorien bespoke and industry standardised baselines.

Energy Auditing

Understanding emissions and an overview footprint is key to an organisation's green strategy, however auditing and interrogating energy data, specific system design along with the human impact of efficient operations is key to identifying areas to target. Intinisc to this is the production of a baseline to measure and audit against. The auditing process allows the peaks of usage, often hidden within large aggregated figures, to become identifiable and for remedial actions to be determined.

Energy Efficiency Programmes

An efficiency programme looks to 'wrap up' specific options, translatable approaches and good practice, to provide an action plan for an organisation. Running in tandem with 'optioneering' a program looks to identify projects from quick low cost wins to larger scale, longer term projects. Spread across 'return on investment', capital expenditure, complexity, client input time and impact on current operations the programme approach takes the detail and formulates an identifiable and implementable way forward in lowering carbon and cost.

carboneering ©

As engineers, we work to identify practical options for reducing energy consumption, minimising losses and identifying inefficient operation, design and implementation. carboneering © allows a range of solutions to be developed quickly with follow-on streamlining and selection delivered cost effectively.

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Feasibility Studies

A study may be part of the outputs from the energy monitoring stage or standalone. Specific solutions often require further analysis once identified to evaluate the 'technical' feasibility of developing a successful implementation along with a sound economic / environmental case and implementation timescales. A study may range from specific energy saving modifications to an existing building, process etc. through to embedded sustainability coordinators for new projects through to complete systems such as large renewable technologies application. CLICK HERE to review Lorien's engineering delivery in this sector.

Scheme Designs

Quality of detail design, the 'nuts and bolts' of an engineered solution is where successful projects are developed. Having in-house experienced engineers across multi-disciplines ensures that we get it right firsttime, achieve the goals of the project and deliver best value.

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Scheme Implementation

As project managers and designers we are in the right place to deliver a successful project. With an in-house compliance team, trained site managers and experienced project managers (for project both large and small), we have the capability to take the design, successfully procure and implement.

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Commissioning / Training

Whilst new projects may be up and running it is essential that commissioning occurs to a high standard ensuring that a projects key performance goals are being met. Once commissioned it is vital that client staff are trained to a high standard and that the operation of a newly implemented project meets client and design expectations and that post project, support is in place if needed.