Potential softening of CRC changes

Hot on the heels of recent changes announced to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (formerly Carbon Reduction Commitment), which removed the 'reward' element for companies who reduce their emissions and led some in industry to brand the scheme 'untenable' , a number of further key proposals have recently been unveiled. 
Tom Jordan, renewable enrgy consultant at Lorien, comments: "Whilst the decision to keep revenues is not on the list for a reversal, the overall complexity, price certainty and administrative burden look to be lessened.  This comprises of, amongst others, the removal of the '90% rule' requiring 90% of emissions to be accounted for under a footprint report, a drop in the number of fuels under consideration from 29 to 4 (electricity, natural gas, kerosene and diesel for heating), along with greater price certainty through the removal of the auction process and introduction of fixed prices for allowances."
Tom concludes that, "Any movement towards making the scheme significantly manageable and lessen the administrative burden on organisations is welcomed.  It is worth noting that these proposals, if implemented in their current form, will not feed through until 2013."